How To Get More Symmetrical and Fuller Eyebrows at Home

Eyebrows have been pretty much the center of beauty trends. From paper thin to caterpillar thick to wavy to braided?? It can be extremely hard to keep up. Even though everyone likes to follow whatever is on the cover of fashion magazines, I think everyone’s eyebrows should be different according to their face shape and desired appearance.

Getting perfect eyebrows could range from a couple minutes to a couple months. Personally, I grew up with as much harassment as an individual could get about two wads of hair on their face. Those creatures were so thick I heard it all- caterpillars, Bert from Bert and Ernie, bushes, etc. So once I reached high school, I took my tweezers and went ham on those things.

All of a sudden, thick eyebrows graced every single model’s face. I then continued my freshman year with insanely thin eyebrows; and summer going into sophomore year I devoted my days to growing them out, and I learned a few things along that journey.

Since I had already had thick eyebrows, they did manage to grow back. Although, you’ve probably heard that eyebrows don’t grow the same after they’ve been tweezed which is so true. In order to get them back to the desired caterpillar-ness I used a couple of tips.

I alternated between castor and almond oil. I used each for two weeks before switching, because I imagined it to be like medicine. You don’t want your eyebrows to get tolerant to the same product to the point where it no longer has the same effects. I don’t know if this rule even applies to eyebrows, but it worked for me. They’re both really helpful to grow hair, so I dipped my spoolie in one and brushed it through the brows.

I went a full month WITHOUT TOUCHING my eyebrows. This sounds impossible, but you can always use concealer to cover up awkward hairs. This allows your eyebrows to grow freely without being stopped, and when the month is over you can start fresh. Resist every urge to pull out the tweezers or thread.

Deciding the thickness of your eyebrows depends on a few factors.

First of all, don’t stray too much from their natural thickness because that’s basically what the heavens are saying that your eyebrows are destined to look like- with a little help.

Secondly, keep in mind that much thicker eyebrows tend to make your eyes look slightly smaller/eyelashes look shorter. So if you have smaller eyes and shorter eyelashes, I would suggest going for a more medium thickness.

Third of all, consider the size of your nose. This sounds weird, but the closer your eyebrows are together, the thinner your nose appears. Not suggesting a unibrow for a Pinocchio nose, but try keeping those wispy hairs that are in the front.

Now as for the overall shape, Zukreat has a great video about what goes where according to your specific face shape. Here’s the link to that video:

When you’re actually doing your eyebrows at the end of the month, use white eyeliner to draw out the shape, and if you want you can fill in your brows to how you’re gonna want them to look later. That way, you won’t tweeze the hairs that you actually need.

Now here is the best advice I have for making eyebrows look symmetrical: to take a back-camera photo of yourself with flash on. Make sure it’s the real camera app, and not the snapchat camera. The difference is that real cameras flip the photo when you take it, which is why you look so different in a mirror than in photos. If the camera is flipped and your eyebrows still look the same, then you’re a winner. However, if you see a difference, that’s something you can fix.

Lastly, if possible, try to avoid filling them in for a while. Filling them in can cause them to fall out even more because of all the product that you’re putting in them, and because of wiping it off at the end of the day. Try to find a span of a couple weeks that you can spend reviving your brows, and follow these tips, and you should be good to go!

Now in order to keep them gloriously thick, I’d recommend only using the non-magnifying part of your mirror to tweeze. This helps preventing over-tweezing because there really is no reason to be tweezing hairs that most people can’t even see.

Good luck and thanks for reading!


Be good


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